Terms and Conditions

We strive to make the terms and conditions as clear as possible for any person to read. Should you however encounter anything stated here which are not clear or appears to be misleading, you are required to contact us in writing immediately so that we can try and resolve the issues at hand.

Our product focus is the marketing of accommodation mainly provided by owners or establishments themselves.
We also try to emphasize the fact that most accommodation advertised via the www.CheckIn.co.za or primary partner websites are provided by the owners or establishments themselves and that they will in most cases deal directly with the owners or the establishment.

As such, persons in any way associated with organisations similar to the ones listed below may not register without prior assessment and approval from www.CheckIn.co.za:

  • Holiday letting agents.
  • Reservation agencies.
  • Travel agencies.
  • Tourism / travel bureaus.
  • Body Corporates or their employees letting flats on behalf of owners.
    (Proof of Sectional Title Act Management Rules submitted to the registrar allowing this and will be required)
  • Letting pools / clubs.
  • Timeshare units.
  • Private syndicates or individuals who own or market multiple properties for letting.

Subscribers may not let out properties on behalf of someone else (e.g. family and / or friends).

Enquiries, bookings or any other information provided are for the attention and perusal of the subscriber only and may not be forwarded on to any other party.

Enquiries and bookings must be entertained with the subscribed accommodation from where it originated.

Enquiries and bookings must be entertained by the subscriber and may not be forwarded on to any other party.

All properties / accommodation units must be registered If owning more than one. Owners may not register just one and use the enquiries to fill more than one.

Accommodation should be available throughout the year, i.e. no seasonal or similar accommodation can be listed.

Contravention of these terms and conditions will cause the relevant subscription to be deleted from this website without refund.

We reserve the right to refuse any application or remove any listing without reason.

No guarantees of any sort can be made with regard to site uptime, the volume of enquiries and bookings or anything else provided by www.CheckIn.co.za.

We reserve the right to make any changes without prior notification.


Costs involved:

  • Subscription for a full year is just R 360.00. That's only R 30.00 per month!

Benefits of subscribing:

  • As a subscriber you will be part of a bigger picture than what you could hope for as an individual. You will enjoy spill-over visitors that view other pages also offering accommodation, in a similar way to a magazine.

  • Visitors normally compare establishments, meaning an increased scope for your establishment. With our standard page format throughout we ensure visitors can compare with ease.

  • A presence on www.checkin.co.za offers you one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your target market online.

  • We do not ask for booking commissions, which can easily add up to thousands per year.

  • Some of our staff also have units they are letting, we know what it's about.

As a subscriber you get:

  • A 3 page web site (main, map and response form pages)

  • A unique web address for you to use if you wish to direct visitors straight to your page! (It can also be used on business cards, letterheads, magazine ads, or on any other advertising material.)
    e.g.: http://www.checkin.co.za/yoursite

  • An on-line enquiry / booking response form - it helps a lot to get enquiries in a standard format.

  • Eight photographs, detailed description, logo, map and rates listed on your website.

  • A facilities page listing both on and off-site facilities.

Additional services:

  • Enquiry details can be faxed should you prefer.

  • Enquiry details can be SMS'd should you prefer.

  • Receive notification of new enquiries by SMS, guests just love timely responses!

Above additional services can be provided at almost cost since it's mostly automated!



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